HVAC Rebate

•Must be installed by a qualified, insured contractor. New installations only.
•Mail completed application and a copy of the itemized invoice to P.K.M. Electric Cooperative.
•Electric heating system must be on off-peak with a qualified backup heating system.
•Electric heating must be the primary source designed to heat the building.
•Electric heat is individually metered under a special rate.
•Electric heat equipment must be hard wired (no plug-in loads eligible for rebate).
•Air-source heat pumps do not have to be part of an off-peak heating system to be eligible for this rebate.

Water Heater Rebate

•Must be a new purchased electric water heater installed on PKM Electric Cooperative’s system.
•Must be on PKM Electric’s Demand Response Program.
•Must be at least 240 volts and hard wired.
•Tankless water heaters do not qualify for rebate.
•Hybrid heat pump water heaters do not qualify for rebate.
•Multifamily dwellings do not qualify for rebate; however, exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
•Rebate limit of $600 per member/customer account.
•Maximum $300 rebate for the coupling of two water heaters in parallel or series.