Operation Round Up

Driven By Change “Neighbor helping neighbor”

Operation Round Up is a voluntary program for member/owners to round up their electric bill to the next whole dollar.  The donated money is placed in a trust fund.  For example, if your month’s electric bill is $93.30, you will pay $94.00 with the $0.70 going directly to the trust fund.  On average, a member/owner donates about $6.00 a year having his or hers bills rounded up – a maximum contribution per year could be $11.88.  It’s a small amount, but with a proactive membership, it adds up quickly.

The P.K.M. Electric Cooperative Trust Corporation has been formed to offer educational scholarships to students located in the service area of P.K.M. Electric Cooperative, Inc. who are members of this cooperative or the spouse or child of members.  Applicants for funding must be planning to attend an accredited post-secondary educational institution in pursuit of their initial post-secondary degree.  These institutions include technical colleges, universities or colleges.  Applicants can include high school seniors, college students or non-traditional students.  The Trust Corporation anticipates awarding approximately ten $1,000.00 educational scholarships each year.

If you’re one of the member/owners who makes Operation Round Up possible, thank you. If you haven’t heard about the program before and would like to participate, contact us!  Together, we can use a little pocket change to change our community.  

Operation Round Up recently celebrated its 25th year “changing” communities.

Contact PKM Electric Cooperative for more information at 218-745-4711, or email us at