Facts About Garrison Dam

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Construction on the Garrison Project began in 1947 and was completed seven years later in 1954 at a cost of approximately 300 million dollars.

Garrison Dam is the fifth largest earthen dam structure in the United States with a volume content of 66,500,000 cubic yards of fill material.

It would take a train 16,000 miles long to carry the entire fill in the dam. This is equivalent to one train spread from coast to coast 5 times.

Lake Sakakawea, the reservoir created by Garrison Dam, is the third largest reservoir in the U.S. At its maximum pool elevation 1854’ mean sea level (MSL), the reservoir holds about 24 million acre-feet of water. The lake is 178 miles long, has over 1530 miles of shoreline, and covers 382,000 surface acres.

The reservoir created by Garrison dam contains approximately 32% of the total water stored by the six Missouri River Mainstem reservoirs.

Garrison is a multi-purpose project providing for hydroelectric power production, irrigation, flood damage reduction, navigation, fish and wildlife, municipal and industrial water supply, water quality and recreation.

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